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Tranquil Rose luxurious handmade Lavender Bath Bomb is our solution to what we think a bath bomb should be.  If you're looking for something that jets around the bath tub, spewing out all kinds of crazy colors, only to have to scrub the colors out of the tub after, this is not the bath bomb for you! 


Our bath bombs are made of all natural ingredients, with a focus on nourishing your skin and releasing relaxing, soothing scents.  What we think a bath should be!  We love the look of botanicals, so we've added just a few.  They wipe out easily, so you don't need to scrub your tub as soon as you get out (or unclog it!)

Lavender Bath Bomb by Tranquil Rose

    • Bath bombs made with all natural, plant based ingredients
    • Lightly scented with lavender essential oil, leaves your skin smelling amazing 
    • Small amount of lavender buds, which wipe out of the bath tub easily (we don't recommend washing it down the drain)
    • Won't stain or discolor your bath tub!
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