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Tranquil Rose's all-natural, whipped Body Butter is lightweight, moisturizing and ideal for all skin types!  Full of Omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, this butter nourishes the skin and keeps it soft to the touch and moisturized. The natural butters and oils we use are known for their Antioxidants, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Noncomedogenic, and Hypoallergenic properties.


- Hemp Butter

  • Nourishes the skin and keeps it soft to the touch and moisturized, which provides hydration and restores the moisture in dry skin

  • Antioxidant to help combat signs of aging and repairs skin damage; Vitamin A, fatty acids in the oil helps your skin stay hydrated and boosts skin growth

- Grapeseed Oil

  • Highly penetrable, soothing, non-greasy, and slightly astringent nature, this oil is produced by crushing and pressing grape seeds

  • Studies have found that grape seed oil is a powerful anti-ager and youth-promoter because it is a natural source of collagen and skin cell promoters.

- Meadowfoam Seed Oil

  • Although you may not have heard of meadowfoam seed oil, its unique chemical structure has the potential to moisturize your skin without leaving a greasy feeling behind

  • Most commercial moisturizers include emollients in their formula, along with other ingredients that draw water into your skin, however meadowfoam creates a protective seal over your skin to lock in moisture

- Jojoba Oil

  • Contains vitamin E, the vitamin B complex, several minerals, and omega-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids

  • Attracts water to the top layer of skin and keeps the skin hydrated.

  • Noncomedogenic doesn’t clog your pores,

  • Helps control sebum production, which keeps skin from looking oily

  • May help reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Body Butter, 3oz by Tranquil Rose

    • The non-greasy, soft feeling our body butter leaves on your skin
    • Rich decadent butters renews, protects, and restores skins suppleness
    • Water, Preservative and Chemical free
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