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Tranquil Rose's Luxurious Handmade Lavender Spa Set is the perfect gift for yourself or a gift; relax and destress after a long day!  Drop the lavender bath bomb into a nice warm bath, then lather up with our lightly scented handmade lavender soap.  You won't need to leave the soothing lavender scent behind with our soothing, all natural body cream.  Light scents of lavender essential oil will help you drift off to sleep knowing you've spoiled your skin with quality, nourishing ingredients.  These spa set products help maintain your skin's natural moisture barrier and leaves you feeling fresh and clean.


Set includes 4oz handmade Lavender Soap Bar, 4oz Lavender Shea Bath Bomb and 3oz Lavender Body Cream.  Made with all natural lavender essential oil.


Tranquil Rose's handmade Lavender soap is made in small batches using the cold process method, and cut into approximately 4oz bars.  The four weeks of slow curing, allows our soaps to preserve their nutrients and effectiveness of those oils, leaving them naturally powerful and long lasting.


Each batch of luxurious handmade lavender soap is unique. Please allow for small variations in weight, colors, appearance or design from the listing pictures or previous orders.


Upgrade to our Lavender Essential Oil Body Butter.  


Available for a limited time only!

Luxurious Handmade Lavender Spa Set by Tranquil Rose

    • Gently cleanses, and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized
    • The perfect Gift for yourself or Mother's Day 
    • All Natural- No Preservatives- No Paraben or Sulfates
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