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The Giving Season

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy taking some much-needed time to relax before bed and read a good book. I’m currently reading a book about the biblical end of times. One of the passages has been weighing on my mind these last few weeks.

“There is an old tale about three men crossing the desert by camel at night. As they were crossing the desert, a voice came out of the darkness. The voice commanded them to dismount, pick up some pebbles, and put them in their pockets. The voice said, “At the coming of the sun, you will be both glad and sorry.”

The travelers did as they were told, and later as the sun came up, they remembered what the voice had said, “At the coming of the sun, you will be both glad and sorry.” They reached into their pockets and pulled out not pebbles but diamonds. They were both glad and sorry. Glad they took as many as they did and sorry they did not take more.

Right now, God is giving us opportunities, and He is saying to us that at the coming of His Son we will be both glad and sorry – glad we used the opportunities that we did and sorry we did not use more.”

-Dr. David Jeremiah, The Book of Signs

At Tranquil Rose, our entire purpose of selling is to raise funds to be able to donate. But as a small business, I’m still searching for that balance. This passage had me stop and really think of what “that balance” should be. Is it a financial number, is it based on a need, should it be a request from an organization, or should it just be based on faith and what I’m feeling lead to do? Logic says it should be based on the financial numbers; is the money there to make the donations? But am I truly looking for all the opportunities around me to bless others? Will I be more sorry than glad when it’s all over?

With this in mind, I’d like to rededicate this Christmas season, and as many years as I’m blessed to be alive, to look for more opportunities to “pick up as many pebbles” as I can; even when it’s not necessarily the “logical” choice. The Lord as blessed us with so much this last year. I truly believe it’s not just our responsibility, but our duty to remain focused on what we were founded on.

Thank you to all of you who have blessed Tranquil Rose with your purchase or donation. Know that you too are picking up “pebbles” to put in your pocket with me. When the sun comes up and the journey is over, I pray we will both be more glad than sorry, knowing that we took advantage of each and every opportunity presented to us!

God Bless and Merry Christmas!


Tranquil Rose

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